yoga for life

Yoga is a practice of deep understanding, skillful attention, mindful presence and embodied reverence for this moment. One of the reasons I cherish yoga is that it is a practice available to me through my years regardless of age, flexibility, fitness, etc.  Not only that but a regular yoga practice helps us navigate one life stage to the next with a sense of awareness and grace that is often overshadowed by our culture's obsession on physical appearance, performance and rushed busyness.  I love teaching yoga to beginners be it yoga for expecting & new mothers, basic hatha yoga at the Y or yoga for healthy weight loss & lifestyle.  I like to keep class light and approachable for students while maintaining a sense of sacredness central to the practice of yoga.   



yoga for moon cyclE

A woman's body is unique and marked by distinct cycles of ebb and flow month to month and year to year.  When she can maintain a balanced and harmonious reproductive system it leads to greater vitality and wellness through the life span.  A woman's yoga practice has the potential to support her through the stages of her moon cycle and nourish the body's inner rhythms.  Modern culture is busy and often does not honor the feminine.  When we can intelligently sequence our yoga practice we can attune to the body's needs during the 4 distinct phases of our moon cycle.  And when we deeply nourish our feminine then we often give freely to those we love and truly enjoy these relationships. 



prenatal yoga

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life and it can also be full of anxieties and physical discomfort.  Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to support your changing body month to month, slow down each week to create space in both mind and body for baby and surround yourself with other women in a positive and loving community.  Many women come to yoga for the very first time during pregnancy hoping to take excellent care of themselves knowing they are now responsible for two!  This is a wonderful time to start a yoga practice setting a foundation now that will serve you through labor and into new motherhood as well!  



workshops for couples

 "Workshop for Couples: Massage, Acupressure, Yoga & Essential Oils for Labor".
This works0hp is offered approximately every other month.

The steady, supportive presence of a birth partner has been found to improve labor outcomes significantly. Often birth partners wish to do this, but they aren't sure how. In this workshop you will learn yoga postures, breathwork, massage, and acupressure to calm nerves, invigorate a stalled labor, renew energy and stay focused. We will explore the power of Touch as a powerful form of non-verbal communication and deep connection. You will gain inspiration and simple but effective birthing skills to be the steady support and coach that the birthing mother needs.  If couples are unable to attend one of the group workshops then I am available for private sessions as well in your own home.
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