I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kate. The journey to and navigation of motherhood can be incredibly intimidating and Kate is the perfect go-to woman to help you build your tribe and get comfortable with all of the changes happening to you mentally, physically, and spiritually! Kate has an open and non- judgemental aura about her that allows you to feel comfortable in her presence almost immediately. The lessons she taught me through yoga class are more than just about breathing or poses, but about friendship, trusting yourself, and letting go. I was able to stay calm and positive through several medical issues during my pregnancy because of these lessons. She has also helped me to adjust to life in my postpartum/mother body with the most magical massages and an introduction to essential oils! Kate is always attracting like- minded individuals and I will be forever grateful to her for bringing me together with other women that went through their pregnancy/new mama journeys with me.
— Monica Riedesel
Kate has the energy and presence that immediately puts your mind at ease. She is extremely knowledgeable in the least intimidating way, and she really cares for everyone she comes into contact with. It’s been fun taking the essential oil journey with her!
— Betsy Haskell
Kate did more than introduce prenatal yoga to me - she introduced me to a community of women wanting to do the best to nourish their minds, bodies, souls, and families. She also taught me a lot about spiritual and physical healing after birth. I found her to be cheerful, helpful, kind, and grounded. A great help to me when I needed support.
— Katelyn Syphers
Kate is a healer. She won’t tell you that or describe herself that way, but it’s how I’ve felt every time I get a massage from her. She works from a place of deep intuition of what your body, mind and spirit need. She creates an environment that allows you to go as deeply into the massage as you want and need and holds a safe space for you to explore your body’s reactions to the manipulation. I trust her completely and appreciate her gift of healing.
— Maria Northcott
Kate is a ray of light who bathes me in the warm peaceful glow of her beautiful presence. She is a powerful healer indeed and is the living embodiment of the words kind compassionate care.
— Amanda Johnson
I use to own the Kismet Inn Maine in Bath, Maine. Kate worked at the inn for over three years, offering her services to many guests. The guests and myself, collectively believe Kate is genuine, kind, knowledgeable, and concerned being who offers her yoga, massage and other teachings deep from the bottom of her heart. All of the return guests would ask her and so would the family. Thank you Kate for all of your offerings.
— Shadi Towfighi
It was the teachings of Kate, through a prenatal yoga class, that made me a powerful, calm, and controlled laboring mother. During my contractions I heard Kate’s words and advice so strongly in my head. My nurses and midwives commented both times on how “in a zone” I was. I was in Kate’s zone. The biggest shame about Kate is that there will only ever be one of her, thank goodness she is so giving of her time, advice and love.
— Nicole Levesque
Kate is the kind of person you meet and instantly feel like you’ve known forever. She is so open and welcoming, I feel like I could talk to her for hours (you’d make a great therapist BTW!) She helped me feel confident, strong and supported in my transition to motherhood. Thank you for all you do Kate!
— Heather Pontau
Kate is not my yoga teacher. Kate is not my massage therapist. Kate is my guide, my leader, my example, my shining light. She’s my sister and my neighbor and my village. She’s my role model when I want to act better and be better and she’s a real woman and so she has her own problems and feelings and triumphs and goals and she shares them with me so I know there’s always loving support in the world. She SEES me. Plus, I lied. She’s totally my yoga teacher and my massage therapist. What a weirdo.
— Michelle Beckett