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Massage & Bodywork

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massage therapy

To me, massage therapy is equal parts clinical science and intuitive art.  Skilled healing touch serves an essential role in women's health and well-being.  Women come to my table to relax and restore their energy during times of stress, for support during childbearing years or they choose to incorporate monthly massage into their personal health care.  

I offer integrative massage drawing upon training in deep tissue techniques, Swedish or relaxation massage, Zen shiatsu, Thai yoga massage, massage for pregnancy, labor & postpartum as well as advanced techniques for women's health (belly, womb & pelvis) - each session is uniquely supportive to mind & body while harmonizing the subtle energy system.  

Massage therapy for women can:

  • help heal adrenal fatigue and exhaustion
  • enhance sleep and increase energy levels
  • reduce feelings of anxiety or depression
  • improve range of motion & physical alignment
    (especially computer or "nursing neck" and post-birth pelvic alignment)
  • support fertility
  • soothe symptoms of PMS
  • alleviate pelvic floor pain & issues
  • improve digestion and metabolism
  • strengthen immune system and lymphatic flow
  • foster positive body image

craniosacral therapy

In essence, CST is a modality that creates deep change through gentle touch.  

The craniosacral system consists of the brain, the spinal cord and three layers surrounding them, the meninges. Enveloped in these structures is something called cerebral-spinal fluid- the internal hydraulic pump of this system creates a slow, subtle rhythm that resonates throughout the entire body.   Through skillful and compassionate touch, one can can realign and resolve patterns of tension and inner disturbance that can manifest as anything from headaches, migraines, TMJ syndrome, mood imbalances, chronic stress response, digestion issues, etc.   Becoming a student & practitioner of CST has helped me cultivate a deeper, more nuanced ability to listen and thus, perceive and enhance the body's innate wisdom & healing capacity.

craniosacral therapy can support

fertility - helps women regulate normal hormonal levels and release tensions and torsions in the myofascial system for optimal pelvic alignment as well as quelling anxiety and strong emotions that may be influencing nervous system, physical stress and healthy sleep patterns.

postpartum - help restore musculoskeletal reintegration, alignment, emotional balance, pelvic health, completing energetic birth circuit as well as healing birth trauma

adrenal support & hormonal balance - CST acts so deeply upon our central nervous system that is has ability to profoundly reset our seemingly hard-wired stress response; allowing our endocrine system to re-regulate thereby replenishing our energy and vital LifeForce. 



Reiki is love
Love is wholeness
Wholeness is balance
Balancee is well-being 
Well-being is freedom from disease
— Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and balance. It promotes healing through increasing the flow of "ki" (chi or LifeForce) through various pathways and centers of the body.  It is thought that when our LifeForce or vital energy is low then we are more prone to illness or feelings of stress and if it is high then we are more likely to feel happy and healthy.

Reiki has a curious ability to smooth out energetic kinks in our system that we perhaps didn't even know were there and it can support healing on deep & subtle levels beyond cognitive reason or comprehension.  Reiki is like a meditation infused with love.  It is simple and beautiful.  I am reiki.

Prenatal & Postpartum



Pregnancy is a distinct 10-month experience accompanied by physical adaptations in posture, pelvic floor, low back strain, breast heaviness, fatigue, mental stress and emotional highs and lows.  It is also a significant rite of passage for women where they come out forever changed almost as though birthing a sense of themselves as well.  Massage is a wonderful way to alleviate many of these discomforts and imbue mom with a sense of well-being and confidence heading into birth.   Studies show that mothers who receive healthy, loving touch during pregnancy are more likely to share this bond of touch with their newborns too!


Postpartum period is often considered the first 40 days after birth but can feel like it lasts throughout the entire first year.  Women are encouraged to take extra special care of themselves during pregnancy but not nearly enough attention is given to mom's needs after birth which often get swept away by baby's needs, an exhausted blur at best.  The thing is, while pregnancy is temporary, this body needs to last you a lifetime and how a woman heals and is taken care of during the postpartum months sets the stage for future pregnancies, labors and can even inform symptoms during menopause!  

Postpartum massage is highly supportive for her physical body including spine-pelvis alignment, organ massage to avoid prolapse & encourage optimal physiology, pelvic floor rehabilitation and release tension in nursing neck and shoulders, etc.  Emotionally, massage therapy is a safe place to process birth story including any birth trauma, to help relieve heavy feelings of stress, anxiety, depression or self-judgement and for mom to simply receive and be deeply nourished.  The postpartum phase can be a very depleted and fragile time for a woman's psyche.  Postpartum massage helps a woman process energetically the immense experience that she has been through and there are ways to balance & ground her energies through massage, breath, yoga, essential oils, nutrition, etc.  

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