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Essential Oils


I am always looking for ways to deepen my understanding of women's bodies, health and healing both personally and professionally.  I knew I found something exceptional when I stumbled upon doTERRA essential oils during my year postpartum.  I had a colicky babe and was often exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.  I was open to anything that might support my mood, energy levels and maybe even my daughters' health too.  I like to have a decent degree of skepticism with these things and am very particular about what I put on and in my family & clients' bodies.  The more I learned about the exceptional integrity and purity of doTERRA oils the more confident I became incorporating essential oils into my own self-care routines, our home, our family and - once I saw positive effects personally- I became excited to integrate essential oils into my massage and yoga practice.  It is satisfying to teach and share such an incredible resource that empowers clients to take exceptional care of themselves and their families.  


Essential oils are botanical extracts that are derived from all parts of the plant- the flower, seed, stem, bark, resin and peel.  When distilled they become volatile, organic compounds with powerful therapeutic properties.  Their capacity to protect, optimize and heal have been reported throughout ancient history and are now being studied by reputable institutions and in peer-reviewed medical journals because.... they work!  And women like you and I are craving more natural solutions to our health and wellness!


Essential oils have the ability to support every system in the body and enhance our emotional and spiritual lives as well.  Key benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils for women's health include:

  • Reducing PMS and supporting monthly cycle

  • Enhance fertility

  • Ease pregnancy discomforts

  • Comfort measures during labor

  • Postpartum support- physical & emotional

  • Hormonal balance in (peri)-menopause

  • Alleviating hot flashes, cramps, irritability

  • Relieving head tension

  • Mood balance

  • Energy boost

  • Stress management

  • Sleep support

  • Healthy weight loss, metabolism & digestion

  • Radiant skincare



Don't let essential oils be intimidating or overwhelming!   If local in mid coast Maine then reach out for a schedule of upcoming classes- I teach at least once a month and the group setting keeps learning fun and interesting!  I am also available for more personalized support one-on-one and would love to help you figure out which oils might be best you. Or schedule yourself a massage to just experience the oils and see what they are all about.

AROMATHERAPY for birthworkers certification

AROMATHERAPY for birthworkers certification


Trying an essential oil is a wonderful experience!
You'll love it.

But the magic happens when you live a lifestyle that incorporates essential oils and oil infused products on a daily basis. Your biochemistry is optimized and you are living at your best!

It's empowering to have such a deep pocket of healing tools at your fingertips!