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women's health involves understanding our bodies' innate rhythms and cycles, a ritual of self-care and nourishing relationships.  

My practice is an invitation for women to retreat and connect, investigate and discover, receive and nurture through various life stages for optimal health & wellness.



Kate did more than introduce prenatal yoga to me - she introduced me to a community of women wanting to do the best to nourish their minds, bodies, souls, and families.
— Katelyn Syphers
Kate is my guide, my leader, my example, my shining light. She’s my sister and my neighbor and my village.
— Michelle Beckett
Kate is the perfect go-to woman to help you build your tribe and get comfortable with all of the changes happening to you mentally, physically, and spiritually!
— Monica Riedesel

Meet Kate

The women in my practice gift me insight and deep respect for the various life phases of the female body which inspire me to learn as much as I can as to how to serve and support each distinct phase skillfully and compassionately.  I continue to study women's health with wonderful teachers from the fields of ayurveda, Chinese medicine, integrative nutrition, aromatherapy, herbs as well as in-depth anatomy and physiology.