massage therapy

To me, massage therapy is equal parts clinical science and intuitive art.  Skilled healing touch serves an essential role in women's health and well-being.  Women come to my table to relax and restore their energy during times of stress, for support during childbearing years or they choose to incorporate monthly massage into their personal health care.  

I offer integrative massage drawing upon training in deep tissue techniques, Swedish or relaxation massage, Zen shiatsu, Thai yoga massage, massage for pregnancy, labor & postpartum as well as advanced techniques for women's health (belly, womb & pelvis) - each session is uniquely supportive to mind & body while harmonizing the subtle energy system.  

Massage therapy for women can:

  • help heal adrenal fatigue and exhaustion
  • enhance sleep and increase energy levels
  • reduce feelings of anxiety or depression
  • improve range of motion & physical alignment
    (especially computer or "nursing neck" and post-birth pelvic alignment)
  • support fertility
  • soothe symptoms of PMS
  • alleviate pelvic floor pain & issues
  • improve digestion and metabolism
  • strengthen immune system and lymphatic flow
  • foster positive body image